World Physiotherapy Day – My Physiotherapy Journey

Published: 08 Sep 2020

World Physiotherapy Day – My Physiotherapy Journey

It’s World Physiotherapy Day, and this year, we want to remember all of the physios who are working hard to support our community.

Physiotherapists work with lots of different communities and groups. At The Healthy Body Company, we mainly help people with injuries and pain. But, we also support people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, people who suffer from diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and women on their journey to and in motherhood and we keep our athletes going. We do lots of work with older populations keeping them fit and strong and independent, and we work with people after surgery to get the best result.

Working with our Seniors groups is probably one of the most enjoyable things our team does.

Physiotherapists also work in acute settings including in ICU, in cardiac and respiratory units and in brain and spinal cord injury. There are many physiotherapists working around the world right now supporting patients with active COVID and those dealing with the after effects.

Physiotherapists work in urban, rural and remote areas.

One thing that we have found over many years, is that there are never enough physios. Sadly, there is massive attrition from our profession. Possibly because of the relatively low pay, also because helping people all the time can be tiring when you don’t have great team around you to fill you up.

World Physiotherapy Day.
Our team went to Malaysia to support the Australian Touch Football team in the World Cup in 2019

Physiotherapists are very bright people who chose to join this profession because they genuinely want to help people. And in our experience, they do an amazing job.

When we asked out team what they loved about their job an answer from Kaelin Moodley really stood out.

The best thing about my job is the shared experience I have with every patient I work with. In helping them to achieve their goals, I learn so much about them and about myself too. I treat every patient as if they were a member of my family. That is how I hope every health professional treats all of their patients.

Kaelin Moodley, Physiotherapist, Penrith

This World Physiotherapy Day, say thanks to your physio.