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Our physiotherapists offer Telehealth video consultations for clients Australia-wide. All you will need is a working internet connection.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth is a great alternative for those who:

  • live in rural areas,
  • have very busy work or family lives, and
  • illness or injury may make it difficult to access high quality physiotherapy services.

Before the Telehealth Consultation

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your Telehealth Consultation, make sure you have a reasonable space around you should your physiotherapist need you to perform some movement tests, and also some privacy in case you are concerned about relaying personal information.

Prepayment is required for our Telehealth consultations. Our reception team will call you prior to the appointment to collect payment by credit card.

What to expect during the Telehealth Physiotherapy session

  • A full injury and medical history. Your physio will ask you a series of questions about your injury and social history, your goals for physiotherapy and discuss any other factors that may influence your diagnosis and physiotherapy management.
  • An Objective Examination: Over video link, your physio may ask you to perform movements to assist with diagnosis and management. You may be asked to expose the body part in question, so be prepared with appropriate clothing (we suggest shorts and a t-shirt).
  • Provide Diagnosis: Our physios are highly experienced with musculoskeletal pain and injury, and in most cases are able to provide a diagnosis over Telehealth video consultation. However, in some circumstances a visit to a local practitioner to perform manual tests, or radiological investigation (X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI) may be required. Your physio will be able to guide you through any of these scenarios.
  • Management and Exercise Programs: Based on your diagnosis and goals, your physio will provide an individualised exercise program. In addition your physio will provide an indication of a progression of these exercises in order to return to full function.
  • Plan and Follow up consultations: At the conclusion of your Telehealth video consultation, your physio will provide you with a clear plan based on your history, goals, diagnosis and exercise progression, to help you to achieve your goals. This may involve weekly or fortnightly consultations in order to progress your program and improve or manage your condition as best as possible.

Are Telehealth Consultations claimable?

Check with your Private Health insurer as to whether they provide rebates for Telehealth physiotherapy.

Solutions we offer

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Detailed and customised management plan.
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