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‍The Healthy Body Company brings together a team of qualified health professionals.
Meet our dedicated team of physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists, customer service staff, and team leaders, each committed to empowering your health journey with exceptional care and expertise.

Jude's aim is to ensure that every patient that walks through the doors of the clinic are looked after and provided with a tailored approach to their concerns.

Jude Holroyd, Practice Principal

Tom believes that client & therapist teamwork is vital in setting and reaching goals. Tom incorporates both a hands on and exercise based approach to treatment whilst also implementing the best available evidence in his treatments.

Tom Hamilton, Practice Principle

Steph thrives on helping her patients reach their full potential and has wide experience in treating both an athletic and general population. She utilises a hands-on and exercise–based approach to treatment.

Steph Winchester, Senior Physiotherapist

Nathan believes when seeing a physio, the process should be a partnership between patient and therapist, working together to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Nathan Duguid, Senior Physiotherapist

Isaac's focus has been on helping people through all sorts of chronic conditions, along with more acute sporting and gym based injuries.

Isaac Serhan, Senior Physiotherapist

Megan is very interested in and has significant experience in women’s health, especially pre- and post-natal care, and offers customised physiotherapy treatments to help women through these vital stages.

Megan Thomas, Senior Physiotherapist

Emily believes that the goal of her treatment is to empower people to achieve their goals and achieve optimum health.

Emily Wyer, Physiotherapist

Travis has a passion for sports injury rehabilitation and high performance, and believes in empowering individuals to reach their goals and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Travis Adelerhof, Physiotherapist

Paul relishes the opportunity to support his patients in the management of their sports injury rehab to facilitate a safe, confident, and enduring return to sport.

Paul Chester, Physiotherapist

Sarah became interested in physiotherapy during high school as she saw this field as a way to combine an interest in health as well as her passion for helping people.

Sarah Morley, Physiotherapist

Chloe enjoys how each person she sees with their own unique set of circumstances challenges her problem thinking skills, whilst allowing her to actively help people to achieve their goals.

Chloe Wang, Physiotherapist

Thiwanka has a special interest in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and believes in empowering her patients in self-management and leading healthy lifestyles.

Thiwanka Jayamaha, Physiotherapist

Julia is a positive and passionate individual who adopts a holistic and evidence-based approach when treating her clients.

Julia Figueria, Physiotherapist

Tina is particularly interested in helping people return to a healthy lifestyle in the face of an injury or chronic condition.

Tina Chen, Physiotherapist

Eray values both an evidence-based manual therapy and exercise approach to treatment and is able to effectively engage with all types of clients and assist them in their journey back to pain free movement.

Eray Selvi, Physiotherapist

Rebecca’s vibrant and positive personality, coupled with her passion for physiotherapy, creates a supportive and encouraging environment for her patients.

Rebecca Fawkes, Physiotherapist

Trey has a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy which is stemmed from his long history in combat sports and time in the gym, having faced his fair share of injuries over the years.

Trey Weidle, Physiotherapist

Zena has a degree in Sports Studies specialising in physiology and has always had an interest in how the body works, movement, postural habits and dealing with injuries.

Zena Metcalfe, Remedial Massage Therapist

Stephen Cunningham is the Clinical Director of The Healthy Body Company and has been a physiotherapist for over two decades.

Stephen Cunningham, Clinical Director

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