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In the realm of dance, specialised care is essential. At The Healthy Body Company, we have physiotherapists who are trained dancers and have developed a special interest in physiotherapy tailored to dancers, with a focus on both preventing and managing injuries.

We understand the rigorous physical demands of dance and the need for specific conditioning to meet those demands. Our services for dancers include:

Pre-Pointe Assessment

Going en pointe is a significant step in a dancer’s career. Being adequately prepared is crucial. Our pre-pointe assessment is a thorough evaluation of your range of motion, strength, and control, with a specific emphasis on dance-related movements involving the shoulders, trunk, hips, knees, and feet.

Injury Prevention Screening

Through a specialised dance assessment, we analyse your movement technique, flexibility, and control, particularly in areas like your feet, trunk, and turnout. Preventing injuries is a top priority to ensure a long and successful dance journey.

Injury Management

In case of injuries, our primary goal is to get you back to dancing safely and promptly. We provide expert care and rehabilitation tailored to your specific needs, always with a focus on your return to the dance floor.

At The Healthy Body Company, we share your passion for dance and understand the dedication it demands. Our mission is to support you in achieving your dance goals while prioritising your well-being.

Contact us today to begin a journey toward excellence in dance and movement.

Solutions we offer

  • Pre-pointe assessment
  • Injury prevention screening
  • Injury management and rehabilitation
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