5 Daily Exercises to Keep Your Back Happy

Published: 19 Apr 2019

5 Daily Exercises to Keep Your Back Happy

Lower and upper back stiffness can affect anybody.  So, if you are experiencing back stiffness, you are not alone!

Why do we feel stiff?

We are made to move.  However, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, which might include sitting at a desk for most of the work day in conjunction with long commutes, the lack of movement can result in generalised back stiffness.

Getting adequate sleep is also really important.  Poor quality sleep can contribute to morning stiffness. Poor sleep results in poor recovery and we can wake up a feeling a stiff and tight around the body. (To learn more about the importance of good sleep read our blog here.)

Other factors contributing to (short term) back stiffness can include an increase in your training or physical activity levels. Whether it is from walking, running or heavier gym training, a spike in these activities leave us predisposed to waking up feeling a bit stiff the morning after as our body adapts to this increases in loading.

Maddy’s back mobility program

These mobility exercises below put together by our Caringbah physio Maddy are ideal for combatting that morning or recovery stiffness.  They are designed to target all the right back and hip/upper body muscles to help keep that body moving. It’s a great way to start your day or even warm up for a run/exercise session.

Maddy Parker Physiotherapist


Do not start these exercises if you are in acute pain!! They may aggravate your pain and make things worse if you are experiencing the early stages of an acute back pain episode. If you are experiencing an acute episode of back pain we would recommend seeing your Physio. When this happens you need a thorough assessment and to put in place together a specific treatment plan. Come see us for an assessment so we can get your back on track and when appropriate make sure the above exercises are the right series of movements for you.