Joint Pain – There Is An Answer

Published: 10 Dec 2015

Joint Pain – There Is An Answer

Is joint pain taking over your life? – You may dread taking the dog for a walk, meeting up with friends for a game of golf or your garden may look as though it hasn’t been touched for years.
Are you constantly reminded of your limitations when you hang the washing out or mow the lawn?

Many would assume that exercise would further aggrevate the pain, but if the right exercises are done correctly, it can be an extremely effective way of reducing symptoms.

Exercise can help with joint pain in many ways:

  • The muscles become stronger surrounding the joints, acting like springs to absorb force and reduce the stress within a joint. For example; when the thigh muscles absorb more force, the knee is offloaded significantly, and you will experience less joint pain.
  • Exercise improves flexibility which can also reduce joint pain. When the body is static, the soft tissues adjust to their shortened position and become tight. Increase range of motion will offload joints and reduce the risk of sprains.
  • Exercise will produce a natural lubricant inside joints, called synovial fluid. As well as oiling up the joints, it also brings more oxygen and nutrients to the joint.
  • It will even increase a natural compound within your body that desensitises pain. Much like having a panadol but without having to swallow a pill.
  • It will help to reduce body weight which will help to minimise the pressure on weight bearing joints of the lower limbs.
  • Finally, if there aren’t enough physical benefits to get you motivated, keep in mind the mental benefits. Your body will produce natural chemicals that help to improve your mood, so not only will you become healthier, it will keep you happier.

If you have an aching joint and you need some advice on what exercise best suits you, contact The Healthy Body Company to book an appointment today.