Shoulder pain can present itself in many forms. The shoulder is a very mobile ball and socket joint, and due to its great range of motion it has relatively poor stability. It is supported by muscles, ligaments and bony structures such as the scapula.

Shoulder pain can be intermittent or long lasting, it can be a frustrating pain and should not be left to linger.

Shoulder pain can be caused by:

  • Overhead activities, such as manual work above head, sports such as tennis, swimming and rock climbing.
  • Lifting injuries especially above head
  • Sporting injuries such as dislocation, direct falls on outstretched arms
  • Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
  • Referred pain from the neck, decreased mobility of the thoracic spine
  • Scapula mal-tracking and poor biomechanics with activities

The most common symptoms of shoulder pain are:

  • Sharp pain and pinch in the shoulder (impingement) with shoulder movement out to the side (abduction)
  • Decreased strength with lifting object
  • Pain when sleeping, pain that wakes you at night (Rotator cuff injury/ Bursitis)
  • Loss of range of motion, in one or numerous planes.
  • Stiffness and pain (adhesive capsulitis/ frozen shoulder)
  • Pins and needles in the fingers
  • Referred pain down the forearm
  • Clunking or clicking (Instability)
  • Snapping around the scapula
  • Stiff neck and upper traps
  • Stiff upper back
  • Lateral arm pain

Shoulder pain can present in numerous forms. It can be attributed to numerous factors. Due to the mobility of the shoulder, it is prone to injury and a specific and guided rehabilitation program is required for optimal recovery.

If you are having shoulder pain or experience any of the symptoms above make an appointment to see our expert Physiotherapists who will assess and guide you in your recovery.

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