Chronic tendon injuries are renowned for being difficult to manage, not only by physiotherapists, but also surgeons, sports physicians and sonographers.

There has been an abundance of research conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatments.

  • Surgery offers “hit and miss” results with a high chance of recurrence after surgery.
  • Cortisone injections are generally not beneficial to the tensile strength of the tendon which increases the chance of tearing and rupture. Injections can sometimes reduce pain levels.
  • Physiotherapy involves manual therapy (massage, joint mobilization) and exercises which sees improvement in some people, while others still seem to struggle.

If surgery, medication and injection doesn’t work, what will change your pain and help encourage tendon healing?

Current research is suggesting the use of Shockwave Therapy encourages healing of chronic tendon injuries by:

  • promoting functional microvascular networks that encourage blood flow;
  • stimulating collagen production which is required for good healing;
  • breaking down of calcification in the tendon; and
  • reduction of chronic inflammation

Shockwave Therapy uses sound waves to infiltrate the tissues to stimulate cell function and therefore healing processes. The treatment usually involves ice being applied to the area, then the shockwave is applied. It has been likened to being hit with a small hammer, and is usually painless. After the treatment has been applied, deep connective tissue releases are performed to maximise the effect.

Scientific research suggests that Shockwave Therapy in conjunction with therapeutic exercise may be of assistance in the effective management of the following conditions:

If you have a tendon injury that has not responded to surgery, exercise alone, or to cortisone injections, now is the time to take one step closer to your first pain free day with Shockwave Therapy.

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