Ken’s Top Tips for Exercise Motivation

Published: 29 Jun 2021

Ken’s Top Tips for Exercise Motivation

The pandemic that has shaken not only our community but the whole world.

After many months of uncertainty it is quite possible that you are feeling less resilient than usual.  It is important we continue to look after our wellbeing, so that we can be our best for ourselves, and those around us. Staying mentally and physically healthy is imperative in these times of increased stress.

Here are some tips to help you look after yourself and your family.

I am frequently asked how I maintain my motivation to exercise. We all know that as winter approaches and the temperatures slowly become colder, we lose motivation to go to exercise or go to the gym. So how should we stay motivated? This blog will explore some tips on keeping up that exercise motivation!

Set goals!

Setting goals can help with motivation to exercise as it provides you with a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Here are some examples: 

  • Walk 5km without being breathless
  • To be able to lift a certain weight – lift 5kg heavier in 6 weeks 
  • To lose 2cm off your waistline in 4 weeks

A helpful tip for setting goals is to set a big goal and then break it down into smaller goals so they become measurable milestones that you can aim for. Here’s an example of a goal broken down.

Big goal:

Lose 2kg in 4 weeks 

Small goal:

Lose 500g every week

By simply setting a goal, you can track your progress and feel good about yourself when you smash them week by week!

Bring a friend!

Having a friend to exercise with can make it more fun and enjoyable. Training with someone can also help you become more accountable and commit to the program because it can be quite difficult to not turn up when you know someone is relying on you! Another bonus to exercising with someone is that they can motivate you. When you see your friend lift heavier or run further, this can help motivate you to push that extra bit harder.

Try a group activity!

If going to the gym and lifting weights is too repetitive and boring for you, try something different! Attending a group exercise class with a friend is another way to get active! Exercise classes can be a good opportunity to meet new people which can help with the commitment to exercise. Group exercise classes can expose you to a new workout routine which suits you better than lifting weights or walking on a treadmill. Here are some examples:

  • Yoga
  • Pump 
  • Pilates 
  • CX
  • Spin
  • HIIT
  • Step

If classes also aren’t your thing, remember that any movement is great.  Walking, gardening, swimming even vigorous housework is great for you.

We have a series of core workouts to get you started:

Think of the many good reasons to exercise!

Exercise and other forms of physical activity have many positive health benefits such as: 

  • ↓ the risk of cardiovascular disease 
  • ↓ the risk of cancer related mortality 
  • May protect against neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • ↓ hypertension 
  • ↓ cholesterol levels 
  • ↓ osteoarthritis
  • Improves blood glucose levels 
  • ↑ bone mineral density 
  • Improves mood 

Find a time and routine!

Having a written plan which is structured around your lifestyle is very important. Taking the time to sit down and figure out when to make time to exercise is very important. For people who finish work very late or start work later in the morning, it might be a good idea to sleep early and go first thing in the morning. For people who work very early in the morning, going at night before or after dinner is a good idea!

Keep in contact with a professional!

If you have had an injury in the past or a current niggle and you are unsure about how to plan your exercises, you can check in with a Physio! Physios can assess your injury or niggle and help you structure your program in a graded manner to help you safely return to training. 

If you would like some information on how to start structuring a program, see one of our Physiotherapists at The Healthy Body Company for more information.