Make your New Year’s resolution work for you!

Published: 30 Dec 2016

Make your New Year’s resolution work for you!

With the new year, just around the corner, we all look forward to a fresh beginning; a newer, healthier self.

Typically, New Year’s Resolutions are Lifestyle / Behaviour change based, with unattainable goals and impractical methods.

They usually involve a new fad diet or exercise plan that must start on the 1st of January and is often so strict and unrealistic that it lasts all of three days before you have your first ‘slip’. This is then followed by, “I have already ruined it for today/this week, I might as well start again the following Monday”. Then it is all downhill from there, more slips, more negative feelings towards yourself and thoughts of next year being the year you become your improved self.

It’s a endless cycle, year in year out. A new year, filled with so much potential, has disappeared before February even begins.

We need to start being kinder to ourselves. We need to think about what we really want to achieve in 2017 and set realistic goals. These goals should have clearly set out steps, like mini goals that need to be achieved to reach the main goal. This will keep you on track and accountable.

Focus on feelings, rather than the number on the scales. Exercise for health and fitness, rather than weight loss. Goals could include a 5km fun run, fitting comfortably in your old jeans, or reducing your dependency on your asthma medication.

Start with walking, increasing the distance and start adding in bits of power walking or running. After a while it will be easier to run long and less effort and recovery will be needed.  Add in some gentle resistance (weight) exercises, focusing on technique and correct posture until the movements are fluent. Increase slowly, to avoid injury.

My New Year’s Resolutions 2017:

1. Compete in a 10k (minimum) fun run race

To achieve this goal I will:

  • Start running again in January
  • Walk or run at least twice a week
  • Increase speed until 4 minute kilometres

2. Increase core and back strength to minimise back pain after pregnancy

  • Stretch at least 4 days a week – try our stretching program
  • Introduce core and back exercises into nightly routine
  • Practice good posture during daily activities and work
  • Start yoga

3. Decrease dependency on caffeine and drink more water

  • Go to bed earlier- reduce the need for an afternoon pick-me-up
  • Drink minimum of 1L of water a day (pack water wherever I go)
  • Limit Cola to special occasions