5 reasons why you should still be playing team sport’s into your 40’s

Published: 14 Jun 2018

5 reasons why you should still be playing team sport’s into your 40’s

Exercise is the best medicine for nearly everything, and we have written about it ad nauseum.  However, exercise should be something that you look forward to, and that allows you to enjoy the psychological benefits as well as the physical benefits.  So, in honour of Men’s Health Week, we put our heads together to come up with some great reasons to continue with your team sport (apart from the fact that your physio will love you ;)).

Self image

The physical benefits of exercise such as enhanced health and appearance can transfer over into more confidence and an enhanced self identity.

Long term happiness

Being part of a team can give athletes a greater sense of self belonging. This is due to the social interactions and
friendships developed within the team environment.

Angus Physio Caringbah


All pushing to one goal: Exercising can sometimes be a chore if there is no end goal in mind. If you are in a team of likeminded individuals, it is much easier to draw on them for motivation.

Less stress, more fun

Playing a team sport where everyone is having fun can often conceal the effort and hard work involved with exercise. Making it a stress free activity can maximise the mental health benefits associated with exercise.

Trying something new – new lease on life

You may be at an age where life seems like all work and no play, and always about your kids, your partner or others for whom you are responsible.  As a result you may feel like fun experiences are few and far between. Like anything in life, throwing yourself into the unknown can be a daunting but exciting experience. You may find something you really enjoy and play for years to come!

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Angus Galbraith is a physiotherapist at our Caringbah practice.  Though not yet in his forties – he already understands and enjoys the benefits of team sport.