Winter stretching – feels sooo good

Published: 14 Jun 2016

Winter stretching – feels sooo good

Winter is here and as the weather gets cooler we often find it difficult to keep our motivation with our regular exercise regime. Whether it be out door running, sports or getting yourself to the gym, cold weather can really keep you inside.

Why not incorporate an indoors stretching routine?

During our colder seasons our muscles can become tighter and less supple due to cold temperatures and being less active. Regular stretching can improve our joint range of motion, overall muscle flexibility and help to prevent injury. Incorporating stretching as part of your morning routine can be beneficial for the rest of your day. Taking this time as a chance to change your routine is great for your body, as we can often become used to certain movements.

Tips to stay moving!

1.     Find a comfortable space indoors.

2.     Pick a time of the day that can easily become a habit, for example; before breakfast.

3.     Stay within a range that is comfortable for you, stretching should not be painful.

4.     Don’t force or bounce into a stretch, you may end up doing more damage.

5.     Hold your stretches between 15 – 30 seconds otherwise you won’t get the benefit of the stretch.

6.     Go through each stretch on each side at least twice.

7.     Change it daily, you might want to work on a different routine.

8.     Don’t forget to breathe!

Here is an easy routine to warm up your whole body:

Follow through each of the pictures, and move with in range that is comfortable for you.  With regular practice, you will see gradual improvements.

yoga physio

1. Start on all fours and gently sit back onto your heels and stretch your arms forward. Stay here for 30 seconds.

stretching yoga physio

2. Move back onto all fours and go through the Cat-Cow stretching, a nice way to warm up your back. Repeat this motion at least 10 times.


yoga stretching physio

3.     Move into standing and stretch the arms all the way up, with a gentle back bend.
4.     Fold forward towards the floor, bend your knees if you need too to take pressure off your lower back or hips.
5.     Step back with both feet and push back to stretch through the back of the legs, bend your knees slightly if your heels do not reach the ground. Open through the chest and shoulders (Downward Dog).
6.     Come down onto your knees and stomach and push upwards through the hands to open the chest and draw the shoulders backwards, gently stretch the neck back.
7.     Move back down and push back into the downward dog position.
8.     Step both feet forward towards your hands and stretch down to your toes.
9.     Finally stretch your arms all the way up and over your head and bring them back down to standing.
10.  Go through the flow of stretches one after another for 3 to 5 rounds.