Emma’s Got Talent

Published: 10 Mar 2016

Emma’s Got Talent

Emma's got talentNot to be slowed down for a second, the very talented Emma has come to see us at The Healthy Body Company to assist with her ongoing shoulder pain. Since the age of 8, Emma has been a keen dancer, aerialist and acrobat which has seen her become a part of the leading dance and circus programs at Performance Art Western Sydney (PAWS) Studios. Earlier this year, Emma was seen performing on Australia’s Got Talent, in which her group was voted through as a wildcard, however unfortunately missed out in the next rounds.

Skills required as a part of a circus routine  – and make it look as graceful as Emma does include a range of dance, gymnastic and contortion components, where Emma is required to have optimal upper body, core and lower body strength. Any injury may inhibit her performance and limit the techniques and skills Emma is able to perform. Emma trains and teaches most days of the week, which places repetitive stress on her shoulders. Her favourite routine is her umbrella routine.  How cool is that!!

In her physiotherapy sessions, we are currently working towards improving the strength and control of her shoulder blade muscles in order to enhance its stability. These muscles assist the rotator cuff muscles to stabilise the shoulder joint while in motion. As Emma’s shoulder blade is slightly dynamically unstable (which means that instability is only apparent when she is doing an activity, not at rest), the muscles that stablise her shoulder have a much increased workload during her routines, resulting in her ongoing shoulder pain. With our support and Emma’s dedication and persistence, Emma is hoping to overcome this so that she is able to continue working towards her goals.

Over the next 6 to 12 months, Emma is eager to be a part of more performances and gigs within the community, as well as continue with progressing her skills and mastering her techniques. We wish Emma the best of luck with her endeavours.

Physiotherapist Penrith

Christie Gardner is a physiotherapist in our Penrith Practice.  A keen sportswoman herself, Christie understands the commitment and motivation required to excel – and that having great support is really important too.