Exercise and Cancer Recovery

There are more than 120,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed yearly in Australia. The burden of cancer is well known in Australia with current predictions indicating that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 years. Due to improvements in diagnosis and treatment, we…

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Safe Summer Exercise – 4 Great Tips

Wow it’s hot out there – but it’s still possible to keep moving and being active through the warm summer months.  Tom Hamilton has come up with 4 fantastic tips to make exercising in summer safe and more pleasurable. Tip 1 – Time of day Daylight saving means we are blessed with longer daylight. Try…

Diabetes and Physiotherapy

Physio and Diabetes

It is Diabetes Week, but what is diabetes?  One of our Physiotherapist provides the basics about this disease that is already a big issue in Penrith, Jordan Springs and Caringbah communities – and it’s incidence is increasing.  Did you know that for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes – regular exercise can help to keep…

Core Exercise Jordan Springs

Core Series Part 3 – Core Workout

Jude Holroyd, the Principal Physiotherapist at The Healthy Body Company, Jordan Springs, pulls together the final workout for his Core Series.  Follow these links if you missed Core Series Part 1, and Core Series Part 2.  Enjoy this new workout – and let us know how these workouts worked for you.

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Core Series Part 1 – Stretching

We hear the term “core” bandied about quite a bit.  So, what is it all about? Imagine that your core muscles are the strong middle link connecting your lower and upper body. No matter what you are doing, throwing a ball, wiping the bench, the movements either start in the core, or move through it. How the core works Irrespective of where…