Marathon Series with Tom Hamilton – 3 Tips For Running Faster

Published: 02 Jun 2023

Marathon Series with Tom Hamilton – 3 Tips For Running Faster

Do you want to run faster?  In this installment of the Marathon Series, Tom shares his 3 top tips for increasing running speed.

1. Consistency

Sticking to your program is vital. Every run doesn’t need to be perfect however consistency allows your body to adapt gradually to the demands of running. As a result, you will optimise fitness adaptations. Consistency helps prevent injuries that could occur if you try to do too much too quickly. By sticking to a consistent training schedule, you are more likely to achieve your goals and feel confident on race day. See my post on the 10% rule for more information.

2. Variety

I often see runners doing all their runs in ‘no man’s land’ where it’s not quick and not slow and after a while not that beneficial at all.

Often they will hit a plateau.

In order to break through that plateau, you’ll need to vary your training. This can be done varying time, adding longer runs or running on different terrain (track, road, hills, flats). It can also be changing your pacing in interval workouts. Variety provokes your body into new adaptations and thereby improves your running.

My previous post on the 80:20 rule applies to variety.

3. Look After Your Body

Many runners train hard, however neglect the basics.

The better condition your body is in for training the better quality sessions you will have. The better quality sessions you have the better the adaptations and improvements in your running. Good sleep, good nutrition, listening to your body and getting little niggles/injuries looked at ASAP are the foundations for improvement in any sport, not only running. My post on nutrition goes into more detail.

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