Health Tips – Fact or Fiction

Published: 05 Dec 2016

Health Tips – Fact or Fiction

There are so many health tips out there, it is tricky to sort fact from fiction.  Tom Hamilton has done the hard work for you.

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Apples contain antioxidants called flavonoids which reduce the risk of some cancers and chronic disease, apples are also high in fibre which helps lower cholesterol. However a single apple isn’t enough by itself. Aim for four servings of fruit (large pieces are worth two servings) a day, different colour fruits have different benefits so a variety is good.


2. Fish is brain food.


Research has found that people with the highest concentration of docosahexaenoic acid (a fatty acid found in fish) had almost a 50% reduction in developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There is still debate if the same benefits are achievable from taking fish oil supplements. Adding 1-2 servings of fish a week is enough to get these benefits.


3. Junk food gives you acne.


People tend to indulge in junk foods when stressed or during hormonal surges. In both these situations the body produces sebum which can contribute to increase bacteria therefore leading to pimples. People often neglect their normal skin-care during these times which can further compound the problem.


4. Cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis.


Arthritis is more commonly caused by genetics, obesity and a history of sports injuries. The cracking sound is thought to be due to negative pressure pulling nitrogen gas temporarily into the joint. Cracking knuckles causes snapping and pulling of tendons and ligaments over bony landmarks, do this enough it can irritate tendons and ligaments causing inflammation and sore joints.


5. Wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming.


This is based on the idea that after a big meal, blood will be diverted away from your arms and legs, towards your stomach’s digestive tract, and if your limbs don’t get enough blood flow to function, you’re at risk of drowning. The truth is that you have enough blood in your body to keep all your body parts functioning after a big meal. Just like any other sport, eating too soon before can be uncomfortable and give you stomach cramps.

Tom Hamilton Physiotherapist