NSW Touch Junior State Cup – Action Packed From Go To Whoa

Published: 23 Feb 2016

NSW Touch Junior State Cup – Action Packed From Go To Whoa

Physios from The Healthy Body Company have been providing support to NSW Touch for many years (Steve Cunningham – I am speaking to you – is it 21 years now?).

NSW Junior State Cup – always a cracker of an event, sees the best young touch players from around NSW going head to head. The tournament lasts three action packed days and we always see some jaw dropping shots.
One of the countless emergencies we have been called out to was a 15 year old girl who had dislocated her shoulder, fractured a finger and then lost consciousness as a result. The physiotherapy assessment was put on hold whilst our primary first aid skills were used until she came to. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital where x-rays would have been taken to evaluate the extent of her injuries. She will be looking at a 4-8 week rehabilitation program for her shoulder as long as there are no findings on her scans, which will also allow for the finger to heal.

Dislocated thumb

This little guy said it didn’t really hurt!

We apologise for any of our Instagram followers who were turned off their lunch when scrolling through their feeds and came across that gruesome, dislocated thumb. That little trooper explained that he was in no pain at all. Unfortunately this injury was not able to be dealt with in the medical tent due to the high risk of a fractured bone or involvement of the growth plate. It is important to note that not all mangled fingers and thumbs are possible to relocate on the sideline, because if you start pulling on a broken bone that can’t relocate you will never be forgiven.
Another walky-talky call out was for a young girl who was debilitated by severe back spasms on the final day of the tournament. It was finals time and the niggling back tightness had progressed into something much worst with her decision to push her body to its limits. She was removed from the field by a

Sometimes it's all too much

Sometimes it’s all too much

stretcher and medicated by the doctor in the medical tent. As her symptoms did not subside she was taken to the hospital via an ambulance for further pain relief.
Here are just a few of the hundreds of injuries we treated at this busy tournament. Our stock of crutches quickly reduced with other common injuries such as ankle sprains, torn hamstrings and ACL ruptures to mention a few.