Train like Manny – A Boxing Workout for Everyone to Try

Published: 02 May 2015

Train like Manny – A Boxing Workout for Everyone to Try

With the arguably the biggest fight in boxing history taking place this Sunday Jude Holroyd, the Principal Physiotherapist at The Healthy Body Company in Jordan Springs, has put together a boxing specific workout for those who are looking for a program that will burn around 500-700 Calories.

Boxing is a gruelling sport. It is both physically and mentally demanding, with boxers requiring dedication, perseverance and repetition to master their art. Here are 4 common training tools used by boxers.

boxing 2Running

Most boxers will run daily, as boxing is a sport that requires stamina, fatigue can be deadly. Start your work out with a 30 min run. Aim to run at 7.5 min/km for a total of 4km. Aim to increase your distance each week working up to 5km in 30 minutes by week 4. Running at 7.5min/ km will burn 120-178 Cal based on your weight (56-90kg).


Boxing 3

Skipping is a vital training tool for all boxers. Skipping increases speed, agility, footwork, co-ordination and stamina. Vary your skipping, every 2 minutes try a different style, single leg, double leg, double jumps, running on the spot, cross-overs, moving forwards and backwards. 15 min of high intensity skipping will burn 113-181 Cal based on weight (56-90kg)

boxing 4 Heavy bag

If you have access to a heavy bag, this is a perfect piece of equipment to work on strength, power and technique. Make sure you are using your feet and body correctly. Focus on your form and accuracy and not just on hitting that bag as hard as you can. A 15 min heavy bag workout will burn 114-130 Cal (56-90kg).


Either with a partner in the ring or with pads, sparring is a great Boxing 5way to put it all together. Keep your feet moving, work on your defence and accuracy and get your heart rate up. Sparring will burn between 120-180 Cal per 15min.

An hour and 15min session of the above will burn close to 500 Cal minimum for a 56kg adult, if you weigh more you’ll burn more, assuming you continue to work hard. So why not “throw” in a boxing session once a week, to vary it up and push yourself!