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Adolescent Lower Back Pain

Tom says, “I have been fortunate enough to start working with the Cronulla Sharks as the U20’s physio for the 2020 Jersey Flegg season. We are currently nearing the end of the pre-season with the players being put through their paces preparing for the season ahead. Throughout the year I will share some of the […]

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Brother’s Physio Season Wrap Up

This year I had the pleasure of providing home game day coverage for Brother’s JRLFC teams. It was an exciting year for the club, this being the first year Brother’s have been included in such a high level competition (Ron Massey is the level below Intrust Super Premiership – the level below NRL). Although results […]

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Three Things That Will Get You Through The Footy Season In Top Shape

With the footy season just around the corner, here are some tips on how to get through this footy season, and hopefully into the final series, uninjured.