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ACL rupture – is surgery the answer?

Anyone involved with sport would have heard about the “dreaded ACL” injury (commonly referred to as a “torn ACL”, “ruptured ACL” or “ACL disruption”).  Jude, has done a great blog explaining exactly the ACL is.  You can read it here.   In my own practice, I have noticed that when people tear their ACL, there is…

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ACL – How We Can Help Prevent Injury!

The dreaded ACL injury! It’s notorious for its debilitating impact on knee stability and the long stint of rehabilitation required for return back to activity and sports. Knowing how to help prevent an ACL injury at the beginning of any sport season is a great start. What is the ACL? The knee joint comprises of…

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Ben Moylan On Track For #TransTasman16

Australian Touch Football star Ben Moylan has been into see us at The Healthy Body Company. Touch Football is a fast, skilful and exhilarating sport requiring excellent, speed, agility, coordination and balance. Ben made his debut for Australia’s mixed open team in a Trans-Tasman match in 2009 before making his Men’s open debut at the…

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ACL – What Is That?

What is an ACL? ACL stands for anterior (front) cruciate ligament. You can see it in the picture below. This ligament provides 85% of the restraining force to anterior tibial displacement at 30 degrees and 90 degrees of flexion. What on earth does this mean? When the knee is bent at some positions, the ACL…

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Knee Injuries

Jude Holroyd, the Principal Physiotherapist at our Jordan Springs practice considers the impact of knee injuries. Whether you play sport socially or professionally, a knee injury can put you out of action. Physiotherapists provide expert advice and treatment to speed up recovery and get you active again following a knee injury or surgery.

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Was Nikolai Topor-Stanley’s Knee Injury the Turning Point of the A-League Grand Final?

The implications of Nikolai’s medial collateral ligament injury and gives us a great over-view of the management of this common football (all codes) injury…. It was half way through the 2nd half in the A-League Grand final match between Western Sydney Wanderers and Brisbane Roar. The Wanderers up 1-0 before Nikolai Topor-Stanley was involved in a tackle that…