Diabetes and Exercise

Beat It – Diabetes Exercise Program

Diabetes is a medical condition affecting 1 million Australians. Remarkably, it is believed that 50% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed. Diabetes affects the ability of the body to produce and use a hormone called insulin. Insulin acts as a key to “unlock the doors” of our muscles so that glucose (sugar, aka energy) can…

More Core

If you previously followed our Core Series you may be ready for some new exercises. If you have not seen it before, it is important to go back and start from Part 1 in order to get the basics of core activation. These exercises are more advanced and may not be suitable if you are…

HIIT physiotherapy push up

Getting back into exercise

Want to get fit but not quite sure where to start? Research shows that HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is the best way to get fit in the shortest amount of time– no more hours spent on the treadmill or stationary bike (woohoo)! The principle of HIIT involves using a combination of high intensity work intervals…

Core Exercise Jordan Springs

Core Series Part 3 – Core Workout

Jude Holroyd, the Principal Physiotherapist at The Healthy Body Company, Jordan Springs, pulls together the final workout for his Core Series.  Follow these links if you missed Core Series Part 1, and Core Series Part 2.  Enjoy this new workout – and let us know how these workouts worked for you.

physiotherapy and core

Core Series Part 1 – Stretching

We hear the term “core” bandied about quite a bit.  So, what is it all about? Imagine that your core muscles are the strong middle link connecting your lower and upper body. No matter what you are doing, throwing a ball, wiping the bench, the movements either start in the core, or move through it. How the core works Irrespective of where…