Marathon Series with Tom Hamilton – Race Day Gear

Published: 05 Jun 2023

Marathon Series with Tom Hamilton – Race Day Gear

Hey there! As the big marathon day approaches, I’ve been planning out my race day outfit to ensure maximum comfort and performance. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through my choices, from sunglasses to shoes, and share why I’ve selected each item. Let’s dive in!

Keeping My Eyes Protected with Sunnies

Lightweight and Non-Bouncy – My Perfect Companion

All righty! So first things first, I’ll be sporting a pair of sunnies during the marathon. Even though the race begins early, once that sun comes up, I definitely don’t want to be squinting my way to the finish line. These sunglasses are not only lightweight but also fit snugly on my face, ensuring they don’t bounce around while I’m running. Talk about a win-win!

Staying Cool in a Lightweight Singlet

The Asics Singlet – My Go-To Choice

Next up, let’s talk about the singlet I’ll be wearing. Lightweight is the name of the game here, folks. I’ve chosen a singlet in a colour that won’t absorb too much heat, and it’s light in tone. What’s more, I’ve had the Healthy Body logo custom printed on it, making it the perfect race day singlet for me. Stylish and practical!

Monitoring My Performance with a Garmin Fenix and Heart Rate Strap

Pace and Heart Rate – My Top Concerns

Okay, now let’s move on to my trusty running gear. My go-to watch is the Garmin Fenix, which helps me keep track of my pace and heart rate throughout the race. Additionally, I’ll be using a heart rate strap to monitor my heart rate accurately. But wait, there’s more! The Garmin Fenix also features a fantastic tool called ProPace. With ProPace, I can set my desired pace and receive real-time feedback if I’m going faster or slower than expected. It’s like having a personal running coach right on my wrist!

Opting for Racing Tights to Enhance Comfort

Say Goodbye to Gel Bounce

Now, let’s discuss my choice of bottoms. While I usually prefer regular running shorts, I’ve decided to switch things up for the marathon and opt for racing tights. Why, you ask? Well, the main reason is storage. Since I’ll be carrying electrolyte tablets and gels, I need ample pockets to stash them without any bouncing around. These racing tights have five pockets – four small ones and a larger one at the back – making them a practical and comfortable choice for race day.

Banishing Blisters with the Right Socks

A Sock-cessful Choice

Socks might seem like a minor detail, but they can make or break a long-distance run for me. Being prone to blisters, I’m picky about the socks I wear. For the marathon, I’ll be relying on Feetures socks. They provide the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Since my race shoes come up a bit high on the ankle, I’ll be sporting slightly longer socks to protect myself from those pesky blisters.

Sprinting to the Finish Line in Nike Apple Fly

The Need for Speed