Broken bone? We’ve got you casted.

Published: 07 Apr 2020

Broken bone?  We’ve got you casted.

So you have broken a bone? Fear not, we at The Healthy Body Company can take care of you. Sitting in an emergency department waiting room waiting for a fracture to be casted can be tedious, so why wait?

At The Healthy Body Company we have all of the equipment needed to apply and remove fibreglass waterproof casts for all fractures. 

Where do I start?

If you have had an x-ray which confirms that you have a fracture you can come and see us straight away to apply a cast. If not you will need to:

  1. See your doctor or your physiotherapist for an x-ray referral.
  2. Once the x-ray is taken and a fracture is confirmed by your physiotherapist or doctor, you can come in and get a cast fitted.

If you have already been to the hospital and had your injury x-rayed then you may have been fitted with a back slab which allows initial swelling to reduce prior to the fibreglass cast being fitted. 


We are fully stocked with all of the equipment in a variety of colours and sizes to fit a waterproof fibreglass cast to any body part. If you need a cast removed, we also have all of the equipment needed to safely remove you cast. 

No, Nathan does not have a broken arm. We regularly practice all of our skills, and this is one of them 🙂

Caring for your cast

Once your cast has been applied you are able to shower with the cast on. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a pool, that is ok too. We don’t recommend the beach because, well, sand.

We recommend that you don’t apply heat to dry the cast after showering and that you don’t try to stick anything down the cast. If your cast breaks or becomes loose, come back and see us to have it fixed. If you ever have any questions about your cast, whether we applied it or not, feel free to get in touch. We are always here to help.