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Scaphoid Fracture

The often missed wrist injury Ahh the dreaded scaphoid fracture! This is a nasty injury typically caused by a fall on an outstretched hand. They can be missed, so if you have persistent pain – get it checked out! The scaphoid is a bone located in the wrist, just near your thumb. Check out the […]

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Gamer’s Thumb – the not so fun side of gaming

Gamer’s love gaming.  That total immersion in a fantasy world where you are able to perform feats that you could never imagine in real life.  Did you know that too much time gaming can have real life consequences? Are you currently experiencing a constant achy pain around and below your thumb? Does it hurt when […]

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The weekend’s regrettable break: Boxer’s Fracture

Are you currently regretting what happened last weekend?  Have you found yourself with a swollen hand after “accidentally” punching the wall.  Maybe a heavy object fell on your hand? Perhaps you’ve sustained a “boxer’s fracture”. Despite the name it is probably one of the least common injuries in professional boxing. Instead, the highest incidence of […]