Taylor is a paediatric and musculoskeletal physiotherapist working out of the Penrith practice. Taylor uses a patient centered approach to help her clients achieve their sporting and health goals.

Acute wry neck

Wry Neck

Have you ever woken up with your neck stuck and unable to turn or move ? You may have a case of wry neck! What is a wry neck? An acute wry neck is the sudden onset of severe neck pain, it is accompanied by spasm of the neck muscles, causing the neck to laterally…

knee dislocation

Patellofemoral Dislocations

A patellofemoral dislocation is a common injury where your kneecap dislocates from the knee joint. In lay terms, your knee cap is no longer where it is supposed to be… Patellofemoral dislocation occurs more commonly as a sports injury, but 40% of the time, in non sports scenarios. In post instances, the kneecap predominantly dislocates…

Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding and Mid Back Pain

Bringing home a new baby has its challenges with plenty of new skills that you slowly learnwhen caring for your new baby. During this time, it is normal for your beautiful new baby to be the sole focus of attention and often there is little thought about the effects these new tasks are having on…