Running Diary The Healthy Body Company

The Runner’s Diary

Karen Busby is a teacher, mother, and jogger.  She used to be a runner.  She is competing in the 10k at the Western Sydney Marathon – and we are following her journey.  We are also making her wear our gear, just so you know who she is. 29 September 2015 – 4 sleeps to go…

Knee Injury Physiotherapy

Knee Injuries

Jude Holroyd, the Principal Physiotherapist at our Jordan Springs practice considers the impact of knee injuries. Whether you play sport socially or professionally, a knee injury can put you out of action. Physiotherapists provide expert advice and treatment to speed up recovery and get you active again following a knee injury or surgery.

Effective physiotherapy treatment for cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic Headache – What Does That Mean?

Headaches are as common as they are disabling.  There are many different sources of headache pain, including amoung other things, sinus and migraine.  However, headaches eminating from the neck, or cervicogenic headaches, are a particular type of headache.  Good news- these are highly treatable. A cervicogenic headache is a headache which originates from the cervical…

Food shame Dietician Penrith

Food Shame

I’ve confessed before that I have a terrible habit of eavesdropping on people’s conversations – not all conversations; that would be rude, just the diet related ones. Believe me there are enough of those to keep my flapping ears busy!! I was in a foodcourt last week and a father and son were sitting near…